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Monday, August 27, 2007

The Wedding Planner Blues

The search is on for a suitable wedding planner for the Big Day. Wedding planners weren't around back when my wedding took place. Or maybe they were, but I don't know anyone who had one. It was usually the mama's job to take care of the details - with the bride-to-be, of course - but things are different today.

The MoBster still plays a key role, but with chirruns marrying a little later - Kate's 'way more mature at 24 than I was when I went through this at 22 - and having been out on their own longer, an impartial professional is not a bad idea. Plus, today's wedding planners have a wealth of resources and contacts that the average Jane doesn't have.

Another reason for a planner is that I am in New York and Kate (and the wedding) is in Atlanta. I can only do so much via phone or during brief visits to my hometown. So hiring someone to help with the reception site and catering options will help all of us.

The problem is finding the right person. It's rather like searching for the right therapist, I guess. Very few are perfect fits, so you have to keep searching until the most compatible person presents her/himself.

Anyone out there work with a wedding planner? Any tips on finding the right one? Help!

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