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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

A place to party

Well, the reception hall is booked. Now we have the church and a place to party after the wedding. So far, this wedding planning stuff's been kinda fun. Even though I haven't had to do much, except re-hash the guest list about four times. So far.

Finding a place to party isn't as easy as it sounds. Standard hotel ballrooms were nixed as all looking alike (I agree), ballrooms located in more unique hotels or locations (like Atlanta's Fox Theatre) were too expensive, and a few other places weren't available for October 18, 2008.

But daughter managed to find a new place that looks lovely, and since she and her intended are paying, I'm all for whatever suits her. It's called Lambert Place. I'll be in Atlanta next week to check it out, but I'm sure it will be perfect.

Bride and groom are looking for a Mexican-Southern theme to showcase their individual heritages, and it seems they've found a caterer (also owner of the reception venue) who can whip up mouth-watering fried chicken burritos (etc.) along with the more ubiquitous reception food.

So that's one more thing to check off the wedding-planning list. Should be smooth sailing from here on in, right? Right?

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