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Saturday, March 8, 2008

Wedding Cake Tasting: It's a Tough Job . . .

. . . but somebody has to do it. So Kate and I volunteered. Greg even got to join us for the first tasting. I put my WeightWatchers' diet on hold for a couple of days while I sampled various buttercream frostings, plain white cakes, white chocolate-infused cakes, raspberry ripples, almond/lavender/lemon/you-name-it concoctions - well, everything except chocolate (which I valiantly passed on, since I've given the stuff up for Lent - shoot!).

We looked at all kinds of cake designs - round, square, octagonal, hexagonal, traditional designs, whacky designs. Discussed important things like fondant vs. buttercream (no contest - buttercream won by a landslide), real ribbon or fondant ribbon (real, natch), real flowers vs. sugar ones (again, real), platinum vs. blue vs. white swirlies, various fillings and layers. Yes, this cake-tasting business is harder than it sounds. Kate had a very specific design ideam so we had to find the right person to carry it off.

But we found our winner: The Baker's Man, who hit just the right note on taste, design, and cost. The results will be a yummy white-chocolate infused buttery cake with a couple of surprise layers of key lime, lemon curd, and raspberry, plus an exquisite buttercream frosting. Greg was very happy with the rich chocolate and red velvet cake combo for his groom's cake - a Red Sox jersey.

And the cake will be stunningly beautiful. Just wait and see!

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