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Friday, April 25, 2008

Engagement Pics

Bride's wedding photog was put through her paces for engagement photos. Actually, the photographer is a childhood friend of Kate's who's now living in Los Angeles touring with top bands. Glad she's got us on her calendar!

The pictures are taken at one of my favorite places in Atlanta, Winn Park. I can't post all of them here, but take a gander at these:

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Friday, April 18, 2008

Wedding trauma comes . . . and goes

As glorious as the cake-tasting weekend was, sugared euphoria wore off fast last month after a few financial realities hit home hard. Let's just say, this no-good economy has done a very good job of bowling all of us over, and for a brief, heart-wrenching time, the Bride and Groom thought they may have to postpone their wedding date. As you can imagine, our dear Bride was put through the emotional wringer for a couple of weeks. This MoB did her best to sooth, calm, and assure her that we would find some way to work things out.

And we did. Things are back on track. The save-the-dates are ordered and soon to be mailed. Whew! It was touch-and-go for a while there, I tell you. It's a much better feeling to be moving forward again.

There is one more issue Bride is battling right now. Her wedding planner, who we thought would be just perfect, really let her down during trauma-time. We figured a wedding planner should be in the thick of things with cost-cutting, discount ideas and contacts during a pre-wedding crisis, especially for what she's being paid. Alas, no. Didn't return phone calls from either Bride or Groom.

The more everybody started thinking about it, the more we realized that the "perfect" wedding planner, hadn't really done anything over the last six months. Bride found the church, reception venue and caterer, wedding cake baker, florist - in short, all the stuff that wedding planners are supposed to help with. If this wedding planner ever returns Bride's calls, she'll find out she's fired.

Ah, but forget the not-even-close-to-perfect wedding planner. Everything's coming together beautifully now - dress being made, showers being planned, a DJ found. The only thing not coming together is a fabulous MoB dress . . .

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