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Friday, May 2, 2008

Am I (Cornflower? Periwinkle? Colonial?) Blue?

Well, the "save-the-dates" have gone out to all and sundry. If you haven't received one, then chances are strong you won't be getting a wedding invite, either. Though you are well loved by bride-groom-MoB, we just can't spring for the $100+ you'll cost us at the reception. You'll understand when your daughter gets married. Culling the wedding list is a brutal exercise, I tell you. And that's what we get for having such big families on all sides.

There was a kerfuffle about the save-the-dates, but we've moved on. Seems the printer used the wrong blue paper stock. Instead of what was shown to Bride - a nice cornflower (or was it periwinkle?) blue - the stock used was colonial blue. Consequently, the silver script is just a little hard to read. It's not that bad, and the colors are lovely (even the colonial blue).

Those of you who have received a save-the-date, just hold it under a light, and it's more readable. I mean, we're springing for a heck of a reception, so the least you can do is figure out how to read silver script under a light.

We promise the actual wedding invitation will be easier to read.

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  • I didn't receive my "save the date" post; however, just to let you know I WILL be there!! Since when has this family ever stood on 'formalities'??? (I had a NICE note from K.S.A.L. today and I do know how often the 'mail mule' expires on its way up the mountain)

    I went to a wedding in Smyrna, GA last Sunday, HOT! (the temperature). Those Baptist need a little less talk in the ceremony and a little more vino at the reception.

    Now, what was that date again?
    Bro. / Uncle Bill

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At June 12, 2008 at 7:34 PM  

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