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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Stepping off the wedding merry-go-round

It's amazing how much energy (forget money) is sucked out of you in the run-up to a wedding. Most of it is joyous and fun, wonderful memories to be cherished forever. But a lot of it is just crap. Every article or magazine pertaining to the do's and don'ts of wedding planning, every silly television program or internet video, advice from folks who've been through it all - well, you can't help but be swept into the vortex of it all until you're ready to explode.

But after the glorious day, after the glorious perfect event (and yes, yes, it was perfect), all of that keen interest in wedding protocol and dresses and paper quality and reception food just falls away. Like chains that have bound you for a year or more. Boom! Just like that! Suddenly, you're free!

No more urge to watch "Bridezillas" or wedding cake shows on TV. No more urge to pick up a bridal magazine or to even read about someone else's wedding. You just don't care about wedding dress designers or reception disk jockeys anymore. Nope. Free!

It's wonderful to sit back and look at photos and videos of the wedding, knowing that it happened and all went well. Yup. Bridezillas just lost a viewer forever. Aaaaah.

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