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Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Candle in the Dark, a Pen to the Paper

As fast as life flies by in winter, spring, and summer, it takes off at warp speed during the autumn. Three months of successive major holidays hardly leaves time to catch a breath. One moment you're stitching up a Halloween costume and carving a jack o'lantern; the next, you're cleaning up after a splendid Thanksgiving feast and heading like a rocket into the Christmas rush.

The dark is upon us. The days are shorter, but our to-do lists are longer. To maintain health and sanity some things simply must be cut from those lists. But what?

Well, one little thing Elegant Scribbles can do to help is to pick up our pens and address party invitations, holiday cards, wedding save-the-dates and invitations, place cards, and anything else that requires neat, readable handwriting. Busy brides, harried party-planners, and anyone facing a stack of Christmas cards that must be addressed can turn to us for fast, affordable hand-addressing.

So think of Elegant Scribbles as a little candle in the dark, enabling busy, cheerful people to mark "address envelopes" off their lists and enjoy this festive season.

Now, if I could find someone to do my Christmas shopping . . .

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