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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Invitation As Poster Art

My doorbell rang, and there stood a delivery man with a bright blue mailing tube. I was a little startled, because even though I was expecting a package, the one I was looking for should not be arriving in a tube. Hm. What could this be?

To my surprise and delight, the tube contained a wedding invitation. Not your normal wedding invitation, but a poster with all the details and an envelope with the response and information cards. What fun!

I admit to being a lover of thick, creamy engraved invitations, but I find that the traditional invitation is becoming a bit of a rarity these days, as couples opt for interesting, personal ways to get out the good word. At Elegant Scribbles we're addressing more and more invitations with wild-colored inks, light inks on dark envelopes, and clever enclosure cards that require more creative ways of hand-addressing.

How could I not want to be at a wedding that sends me a poster proclaiming the news? You bet I'm going!

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