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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Freshen Up for Fall

Now that autumn has blown some of the heat and humidity out of the way, Kate, Julie, and I thought we'd offer up some new hand-writing samples for Elegant Scribbles. Bolder stationery colors and brighter, metallic inks are being requested more and more often, so we want to showcase some of those options.

If you're planning a wedding, one of the first things you have to consider is letting people know about your big day. But you're really busy. Or maybe your hand-writing isn't that great, but you don't want to run your expensive wedding stationery through a printer or you can't afford a calligrapher. Well, that's what we do best at Elegant Scribbles. We offer a lovely, personal, cost effective way to address your save-the-dates and invitations and hand-write your place cards and thank you notes, including three distinctive cursive styles and three distinctive block lettering styles.

Or perhaps your company or organization is holding a gala event or fund-raiser. You know if you slap on computer-generated address labels, chances are good that your invitation won't even be opened. But a hand-addressed envelope is hard to ignore. Elegant Scribbles has experience addressing invitations with guest lists of 1500+. And we're here to help with the place cards, as well.

And the holidays are coming up. We love addressing holiday cards for corporate or personal clients.

What else could you use a personal scribe for? We've filled out certificates, written letters, and hand-lettered menu cards. We'd love to help!

For now, enjoy the colors of autumn and nip in the air. And remember, we write, you relax!

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