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Sunday, December 9, 2012

With Every Christmas Card I Write

I love getting Christmas cards. I love sending Christmas cards. The problem, of course, is time.

By the time I choose the card (or design it on Shutterfly, or some such site), assemble the address list (which often includes double-checking all the odd envelopes with address changes tucked into my address book), buying stamps, and gathering a working pen, well, the whole process seems insurmountable with all the other things going on this time of year. Yet, I do somehow find the time to choose/assemble/buy/gather/write and get the cards on their way with a little time to spare.

Holiday cards are also an important way to remember folks who were a part of your wedding or landmark birthday celebration. It's been a big year for you, after all! And of course, year-end cards are a terrific way to reach out to current and former clients if you run a business. Again, the only holding you back is, probably, time.

Well, if you're determined to send out holiday cards this year, it's time to pull everything together. Here's what you have to do:

  • Make a list and check it twice. At least make a list of the people you want to send cards to so that you'll know how many cards to buy. You don't have to have the addresses typed onto your list, but you do need to know where to get your hands on all the addresses. Just stop and think. You can do this!
  • It's probably past time to design a card through one of the photo sites, so get thee out to a drug store, book store, dime store, department store or street vendor and pick up a few boxes of cards. You know what you like, so go with your instinct.
  • And while you're out stop by the post office for your stamps. If you don't like to stand in long lines, get the stamps from the USPS vending machines. Easy-peasy.
  • Now. To write. Gather your list of names and addresses, your cards and envelopes, a couple of good writing pens, and hop to it. Do not let yourself get overwhelmed by thinking you need to write a chirpy update on your life in each card. A simple "Love," "Yours," or "Merry Christmas" will do. At least the recipients will know you're still alive.
  • Mail them. Most important part.
Now. If you only have time to buy the cards and assemble the list, maybe a friend or co-worker is willing to help with the addressing end of things. Or, call in an addressing service, like Elegant Scribbles. At any rate, keep it as simple and easy for yourself as you can.

And who knows? Maybe next year you'll have a chance to see face-to-face that friend or client you haven't seen but have been exchanging cards with for years. Anything's possible!

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