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Monday, October 29, 2007

Seasonal Brides

October brides are something special. My sister was one. Daughter Kate will be one. And yet, there are some pretty famous October brides that have been filling the airwaves (airwaves? surely, I mean satellite waves?) the last few days, so let's give them their due.

The Bride of Frankenstein. The Number One best of all time. The original corpse-bride. Elsa Lanchester gets to play both author Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley and the monster's potential mate. Her reaction to seeing the monster for the first time? Classic!

Bride of Chucky. A doll like Chucky deserves Tiffany. I can't hear Meg Tilley (real-life Meg Tilley, I mean) interviewed to this day without hearing dear Tiffany. Anyway, it's a marriage made in Mattel. Probably Made in China, too, since this pair is dangerous for people of all ages.

Corpse Bride. Not as good as Nightmare Before Christmas, but then we're judging brides here, not films. You get two brides in this Tim Burton movie, one that's alive and one that's dead. And both are likeable, so whichever one ends up with the Johnny Depp character is OK by the viewer.

There are many more horror-brides out there (Dracula had lots of 'em - that's his M.O.), but I think these three take the cake. Still, Frankenstein's honey far out-paces any of the others, in my opinion.

The next wedding horror for MoB? Sending out the engagement party invitations. By the end of this week. Yikes! I'm scared already!

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