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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The honour of your presence

Bride is in the throes of ordering the wedding invitations, and I got the final print proofs yesterday afternoon. I had a few changes to the first set she sent out last week, but, changes made, these look beautiful. I can't wait to see the end result on ecru card stock with dark slate print and the blue embellishment.

Notice we didn't put all the parents' names on the invitation. Please. The parents and step-parents list would've taken up one whole page. I think Bride and Groom sensibly put their names, followed by "Together with their families," which simplified the whole thing.

We went back and forth about whether to hire a calligrapher to address the invitations, but my feeling is that wedding invitations should be hand-addressed in neat handwriting, but not calligraphy - makes it more personal, I think. I'm sure the Bride can gather enough warm bodies with legible writing skills to do the honors. When a friend of mine was planning her wedding some years back, she knew which of her acquaintences had good handwriting, so she threw an invitation-addressing party (we didn't get the wine until we'd finished, though). We all sat around the dining table and addressed hundreds of invitations. It was a good system. And we did finally get our wine!

On another invitation issue: after posting about anyone not receiving a save-the-date not being invited to the wedding, well, I'm eating those words. Seems Big Bro read the blog, didn't receive a save-the-date, and wondered if he, indeed, was invited. Well, of course he's invited! But now I wonder who else didn't get their save-the-dates. Hm. There's no accounting for the US Mail. Wonder if we should hand-deliver the invites?

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  • Mary, it's just perfect -- the look and the wording. And I totally agree about the calligraphy. Sounds like the whole thing is coming together nicely. What a relief for you!

    Now about that save-the-date...

    By Blogger Elsie, At July 23, 2008 at 2:53 PM  

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