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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Weekend showers

Big weekend on tap, as MoB heads down to Atlanta for the first time in over 6 months.

Let's see. We have two bridal showers, one Saturday and one Sunday. Both "Miscellaneous." Bride didn't want to limit the booty. Er, I mean, she didn't want to inhibit anyone's personal gift-giving options.

Saturday's shower is for the women o' the family, and that includes girl-children. Lil Sis and Daughter Lizzie are hosting a lovely bridal luncheon at The Vinings Inn, complete with wine, fancy food, and valet parking. It will be a hoot and a holler, I promise.

Sunday's shower is hosted by the "ladies of the church." Well, not all of them, of course; just our oldest and dearest friends, like Bride's confirmation sponsor and the former rector's wife. Others are invited, too, like Bride's third grade teacher. This shower is at a lovely home on Peachtree Battle Avenue.

Showering won't be all we'll be doing while I'm in Atlanta. Just think of all the little odd jobs that must be done two months from the wedding date. Well, I'll be there to help. I know that I'm slated to address wedding invitations (see previous post), which should eat up a fair amount of time but must be done.

I'll take lots of pictures and bore you silly with them, but it is my blog, so I'm allowed. After all, I am the Mother of the Bride.

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