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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Putting On My Mother of the Bride Hat

Well, it finally happened. I had to put on my Mother of the Bride hat and pull a few strings on the Bride’s behalf last week. Yep. I found something I could stick my nose into and actually be of some help. Fortunately, it was church-related, so I knew just what to do.

Kate’s had a devil of a time getting in touch with the priest assigned to her wedding and pre-marital counseling. We have a couple of special requests – which were put forth right from the git-go – that we wanted to confirm, so it was important that the priest return Kate’s messages. Well, natch, the Bride was getting a little antsy since she’d been trying to reach this person since before Christmas, so I said, “Hey! I’ll get in touch with the church and let ‘em know that we need to hear from the Rev.!”

So I zapped off a pithy – but polite – email to the church’s wedding coordinator, and presto! I got a phone call from her right away. Seems the priest – a new one, not one I know – is pregnant (don’t understand why that makes a difference, but, oh well) and has erratic hours, or some such excuse. Anyway, we got the go ahead to have our friend Harry officiate (the pregnant chick will assist, I reckon), and I got a promise that Kate would be contacted about her other questions.

Sometimes the MoB just has to stick on that big ol’ BRIDE’S MAMA hat and make things happen. I figure as long as I avoid the “Momzilla Syndrome,” I can at least be of some help.

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