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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Pre-wedding near catastrophes

We have to get some perspective on this thing. As the Big Day nears, Bride and MoB find themselves caught up in some pretty nit-picky stuff. Actually, the major stuff is taken care of - bride, groom, church, reception/food, cake, invitations, wedding attire for everyone, photographer, flowers, music, rings.

Still, we are engulfed in the not-so-major stuff like the wedding program, guestbook, bridesmaids' luncheon, and rehearsal dinner. Plus all the little things that we think of at 3am. And this is what keeps us up nights.

But we need to be gentle with ourselves right now, or bad things can happen.

For example, Bride had a fender-bender the other day. Not her fault, but takes her car out of circulation for a few days (or longer). Fortunately, no one was hurt. Unlike niece Colleen, whose wedding is in November. She broke her ankle a couple of weeks ago. Pins, boot, the works. So, our Bride was lucky. Just inconvenienced.

MoB had a rather ungraceful fall down some hard wooden stairs at a fancy New York restaurant Sunday before last. Ouch! But nothing was broken or required stitching. MoB was lucky, too. But today she found out her blood pressure's through the roof. Hm. How to calm that down, eh?

None of us want to attend the wedding on a stretcher, so I believe it behooves us to find ways to unwind, get a good night's sleep several nights in a row, and chill about the bubbles and bridesmaids' cake.

Yeah, yeah. Easier said than done. But, really. Let's put this stuff in perspective, shall we?

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