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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Living on Xanax and Candy Corn

Five days to go!

I got to Atlanta last Thursday, and it's been all go since then. Major catastrophes averted, Bride and MoB are slogging through all the nit-picky details that must be handled. Well, not must, really. Should, is a better word. Anything that doesn't get done from this point on isn't really a deal-breaker.

We finally nailed down a place for the Rehearsal Dinner, which was the biggest thing hanging over our heads. (I know, I know - we were really late on this one.) Since Groom's parents live out of state, it was hard for them to know where to go and who to contact. But - yea! - we settled everything yesterday, so we can feed the rehearsed-out wedding party Friday evening.

And remember the bubbles? Bride and MoB spent a relaxing evening or two in front of the television swathing them in cornflower blue or ivory tulle and tying them up with chocolate ribbon. They look great. We put them into simple fruit baskets for distribution; fancier baskets just looked too precious, and we wanted to keep it simple.

I've just revised the to-do list. It's down to three pages. But every item has a game-plan, so we feel like we're on top of things. Despite an outbreak of coughs-and-colds, we're plowing through, keeping in good spirits, and truly excited about the Big Day.

The calming powers of a little Xanax and a handful of candy corn cannot be over-stated.

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